The international network ArchitectureSans Frontières – International (ASF-Int)is working for “equitable, social, culturaland environmental commitment to architecture, construction, urbanism and the conservation of historical heritages tohuman development” (Hasselt Charter).This portfolio of projects shows how this noble goal is implemented in practice.The portfolio is the second one compiled during the short existence of ASF-Int. It contains descriptions of 18 projects from 5 member organisations.

The present portfolio is additional to the one compiled in 2010, which comprised descriptions of 51 projects from 13 member organisations. Some of these are completed while others are still ongoing. That portfolio is available for downloading at the website, partly as a documentation of ASF-Int achievements in the past.

The projects in the present portfolio cover building types such as schools, clinics, housing, community centres and infrastructure such as bridges, public space, recycling centres and sanitation. Many projects focus on the use of local building materials, experiments with new constructions techniques and energy-saving design. The projects address issues such as social integration, environment for children, cultural conservation, rural development, disaster prevention, refugee housing, slum improvement, community participation and training of professionals.This wide variety reflects very well the scope and aim of ASF-Int.

About 2/3 of the projects are located to low-income countries while 1/3 are located to Europe or Australia. One may note that almost all projects are carried out incollaboration with local partners, many ofwhich represent unprivileged groups and community-based organisations. The portfolio is only a small sample of works realised by ASF-Int’s members. Inorder to get a full picture one has to visit the websites of the member organisations.

We hope that the project portfolio (together with the earlier one) will serve to promote commitment to social habitat,ethical considerations, participatory processes and professional responsibility. On behalf of the Board of ASF-International

Dick Urban Vestbro


Stockholm 11 January 2013

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