1. Nomination of persons who will assume the positions of President and Secretary of the GA
    • President: Beatrice de Carli (BC)
    • Secretary of the GA Amani Al Shaaban (AS)
  2. A vote as regards approval of the agenda by the GA
  3. A statement and a vote on whether the GA was properly convened in accordance with the statutes
    The board has explained to the General Assembly (AS) - YES
  4. A statement on the representation of members and voting rights
  5. Approval of the annual Activity Report drawn up by the Conseil d'Administration
  6. The Audit Report
  7. Approval of the verified Financial Statements
  8. Granting discharge to the outgoing Conseil d'Administration
  9. Election of members of the Conseil d'Administration for the next period
  10. Election of Auditors for the next period
  11. Appointing the Elections Preparatory committee for elections in the next period
  12. Decision on membership subscriptions and budget for the next period
  13. Decision on planned activities for the next period
  14. Topics and other proposals for the next period
  15. Any other business
Minutes from GA meetings