1. Nomination of persons who will assume the positions of President andSecretary of the General Assembly

On behalf of the Board Dick Urban Vestbro proposed that Peter Newton of ASF-UK beelected chair of the meeting and that Niclas Dünnebacke of ASF-France be the secretary,of the meeting to do the minutes together with Dick Urban Vestbro. It was decidedaccording to the proposal. It was furthermore decided to elect Hanka Griebenow of AÜG Germany to act as co-chair of the meeting.

2. A vote as regards approval of the agenda by the General Assembly

It was decided to approve the proposed agenda and work schedule of the meeting.

3. A statement and a vote on whether the General Assembly was properlyconvened in accordance with the statutes

It was decided to consider the GA meeting convened in accordance with the statutes of ASF-Int.

4. A statement on the representation of members and voting rights

It was decided to ask all participants to sign the list of participation and to urge member organisations to note clearly who has the voting right of each organisation. The list with signatures shows that 22 of ASF-Int’s 27 member organisations had representatives pre-sent and that the number of votes was 23 (since EWB Nepal had given its vote by proxy to Dick Urban Vestbro). See attached list of presence.

5. Approval of the Annual Report drawn up by the Board

The Activity report of the Board for 2012 had been sent out to members in advance of the meeting (see attachment). Dick Urban Vestbro presented the report and highlighted some achievements during the year, for instance the recruitment of seven new members since the last GA meeting, the establishment of a functioning secretariat in Barcelona, the launching of the educational package Challenging Practice – Essentials for the social pro-duction of habitat”, the start of a page on Facebook and regular distribution of a newsletter. The role of the Information Bank was discussed briefly. It was decided to approve the report. A question was raised about the role of the report and the reply was: it has legal status and gives a chance to the GA meeting to assess how the Board has performed. It also provides information to members and the general public (to be available on the website for downloading). It was furthermore noted that it may have an interest for future historical studies.

6. The audit report

Melissa Kinnear read the report written by herself and her co-auditor Beatrice de Carli, see attachment. The report concludes that the current board can be discharged of their responsibilities.

7. Approval of the verified financial statements

Treasurer Rune Asholt presented the financial report for 2012, see attachment. It was decided to approve the report.

8. Granting discharge to the outgoing Board

It was unanimously decided to grant discharge of the outgoing Board.

9. Election of members of the Board for the next period

The proposal for a new Board, made by the Election Preparatory Committee (EPC), had been sent out in advance. Beatrice de Carli of the EPC presented the proposal for the new Board, with mandates until 2015. The proposal means that the number of Board members will increase from the present ten to eleven members, which is the maximum according to the statutes. The proposed new members introduced themselves. It was decided according to the proposal to elect Xavier Codina of ASF-Espaňa, Esther Charlesworth of AWF Australia, Peter Newton of ASF-UK, Beatrice de Carli of ASF-Italia (Milano), Henry Cardona of ASF-Colombia & ASF-Sweden and Niclas Dünnebacke of ASF-France for the period 2013 to 2015.

10. Election of auditors for the next period

It was decided to elect Melissa Kinnear of ASF-UK and Vassilis Kapareliotis of ASF-Hellas as auditors for the next period (2013-2014).

11. Appointing the preparatory committee for elections in the next period

It was decided to elect Anna Synderå-Engwall of ASF-Sweden, Stéphane Plisson of ASF-France and Richard Losalajome of ASF RD Congo to serve as the Election Preparatory Committee for the next period (2013-2014). After a break new members of ASF-Int made short presentations of their organisations.
  • AWF Australia (Esther Charlesworth)
  • ASF India Society (Guruprasad Rane)
  • ASF Tunisie (Daaji Belhassen)
  • ASF Colombia Foundation (Alvaro Alvarez Hincapié)
  • ASF Macau (Dominic Choi)
  • Ukumbi, Finland (Inari Virkala)
  • Remal Foundation, Egypt (Ashraf Abdel Mohsen)
After these presentations group work about the Activity plan followed. Naomi Shinkins and Rune Asholt distributed questions for discussion and gave instructions for the group work. After the group work each group summarized its proposals orally and submitted ideas on paper for compilation and possible integration into the Activity plan.

12. Decision on membership subscriptions and the budget for the next period

Xavier Codina presented a proposal made by the secretariat concerning membership fees, to be effective from 2014. After modification of the proposal it was decided to approve the following fee levels:
Budget of last year Membership fee
> € 50.000 € 450
< € 50.000 € 300
Reduced fee € 150 (after application to the Board giving reasons)
Rune Asholt presented the proposed budget for 2014, see attachment. The question was 2raised what to do if the desired funds of €5000 could not be reached. The answer was that the budget posts for Secretariat, travel compensation and seminars would be cut down. It was decided to approve the proposed budget. It was noted that the Board will have to revise the budget continuously.

13. Decision on planned activities for the next period

An activity plan made by the outgoing Board had been sent out in advance. Stéphane Plisson presented the proposed Activity plan for 2013-2014. He pointed out that the plan covers the third year of the three year Strategic plan. The idea is that proposals from the group work are to be added to the activity plan. Melissa Kinnear pointed out that the figures given in the text do not comply with the presented budget and that it would be premature to mention Schneider Electric as the only potential sponsor before the concrete proposal has been presented. It was decided to approve the proposed activity plan, after removal of the points mentioned by Melissa. It was decided to ask the Board to compile the proposals from the group work, to structure the points according to the topics of the Activity plan and to add a revised version of the proposals to the Activity plan.

14. Topics and other proposals for the next period

Under this point the motion by AÜG Germany about a fixed venue for future GA meetings was discussed. Thomas Schinkel of AÜG Germany presented the ideas of the motion. Dick Urban Vestbro presented the reply to the motion by the Board. After discussion it was decided according to the proposal of the Board, namely to recommend the coming Board to look into the issue how to organise travels so as to minimize environmental pollution, for instance by selecting venues for GA and Board meetings that will reduce travel distances; by considering to replace more Board meetings with internet communication and/or by appointing an Executive Committee within the Board to replace at least one Board meeting a year with a smaller group meeting.

15. Any other business

There was no other business to discuss.

16. Closing of meeting

On behalf of the whole GA meeting Dick Urban Vestbro thanked Stéphane Plisson and Richard Losalajome for their dedicated work in the Board during many years. Thanks are also to be conveyed to resigning Board members Anna Engvall and Pawan Shrestha. Chair Peter Newton thanked ASF-Portugal for its excellent hosting of the meeting and allparticipants for constructive contributions, and then closed the meeting.
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Minutes from GA meetings