1. Welcome address and opening of the meeting

Sofie Wäborg, chair of ASF-Denmark and host of the GA meeting, welcomed the participants to Copenhagen and to the GA meeting. The Chairman of ASF-Int, Stéphane Plisson addressed the audience, greeted everybody welcome and opened the meeting.

2. Nomination of persons who will assume the positions of President and Secretary of the General Assembly

It was proposed to elect Sofie Wäborg and Peter Burk to chair the GA meeting. The proposal was accepted. It was proposed that Dick Urban Vestbro will be the secretary of the meeting. The proposal was accepted. It was decided that Anne Gramtorp of ASF-Denmark shall verify the minutes.

3. Introduction of everybody present

Each person present introduced her/himself.

4. Approval of the agenda by the General Assembly

The proposed agenda and work schedule were approved.

5. A vote on whether the GA was convened in accordance with the statutes

Dick Urban Vestbro explained that the invitation to the GA meeting had been sent out more than 12 weeks in advance and that the Board Activity Plan and other documents had been sent out within the stipulated time limits. It was decided to consider the GA meeting to be appropriately convened.

6. A statement on the representation of members and voting rights

The list of participation was circulated and everybody was asked to fill in the list of participation. The chairs read the list of names of those having the voting right of each member organisation. It was decided to approve the names as those having the voting right (see attachment).

7. Approval of the Annual Report drawn up by the Board

Dick Urban Vestbro made an oral presentation of the report, which had been sent out prior to the meeting. After a few questions and comments it was decided to approve the Annual Report (attached).

8. Approval of the verified financial statements

Rune presented the economic report for 2011. It was decided to approve the economic report (attached).

9. The audit report

The report from auditor Jenny Andersson was displayed on the wall. The issue of accounting program was discussed briefly. It was decided to approve the audit report (see attachment).

10. Granting discharge to the outgoing Board

It was decided to grant discharge to the outgoing Board.

11. Election of members of the Board for the next period

Beatrice de Carli of the Election Preparatory Committee presented the proposal for the new Board. It was decided to approve the proposal, namely: Rune Asholt, ASF-Denmark (re-election); Valeria Sciaretta, ASF Italian Network (re-election); Dick Urban Vestbro, ARC●PEACE (re-election); Naomi Shinkins, ASF-UK (new); Guruprasad Rane, ASF Society, India (new). (In the earlier paper Xavier Codina was by mistake included in the proposal). Board members with mandates to 2013 are: Stephane Plisson, ASF-France; Pawan Shestra, EWB, Nepal; Anna Engvall, ASF-Sweden; Richard A Losalajome, ASF RD Congo; and Xavier Codina, ASF-Espaňa.

12. Election of auditors for the next period

Beatrice de Carli of the Election Preparatory Committee presented the proposal: Beatrice de Carli, ASF-Italia; and Melissa Kinnear, ASF-UK. It was decided according to the proposal.

13. Appointing the preparatory committee for elections in the next period

The following persons were proposed: Beatrice de Carli of ASF-Italia (Milano); Sophie Jopling of ASF-UK and Niclas Dunnebacke of ASF-France. It was decided to appoint the proposed persons.

14. Decision on membership subscriptions and the budget for the next period

Rune Asholt presented the proposal about membership fee. The meeting 2011 had decided to increase the fee to Eur 300 effective from 2012. Jordi Balari presented a proposal for a scaled membership fee proportional to the budget/turnover of each member organisation, as commissioned by the GA meeting 2011 (see attachment). It was proposed to take away one zero (0) from each step in the scale to make the proposal more realistic. It was decided to accept the proposal with this modification, to be effective from 2013. Stéphane Plisson and some others wanted to keep the fixed membership for all.

15. Decision on planned activities for the next period

Stéphane Plisson and Dick Urban Vestbro presented the proposed Activity Plan and the suggestions for group work. The participants divided themselves into seven groups. The groups reported orally and were asked to submit notes on paper for compilation by the Board. It was decided to compile all group proposals for the Board to use as a basis for elaboration of the Activity Plan, which should then be sent out to members for comments before the Board decides about the final version of the Activity Plan

16. Topics and other proposals for the next period

No motions had been submitted so there was nothing to discuss under this point.

17. Any other points

Jordi Balari informed the GA meeting about the work of an UIA project in the form of an exhibition, which can be made available to all ASF members.

18. Closing of meeting

Stéphane Plisson thanked Sophie Jopling for her work in the Board and handed over a little gift. The Danish group got standing ovations from the assembly for its excellent organisation of the meeting.

Minutes from GA meetings