1. Opening of meeting

ASF-Int chairman Jordi Balari greeted the participants welcome and formally opened the GA meeting.

2. Election of Chair and Secretary of the General Assembly

It was decided to elect Beatrice de Carli as Chair, Dick Urban Vestbro as Secretary of the General Assembly meeting and Sofie Wäborg to verify the minutes.

3. A vote as regards approval of the agenda by the General Assembly

It was decided to approve the proposed agenda with addition of a) Granting of membership to ASF Hellas, b) Strategic Plan and c) a point about the new organisation of ASF-Onlus-Italia under Any other business.

4. A statement on whether the General Assembly was properly convened in accordance with the statutes

The Secretary explained that the invitation to the GA meeting had been sent out well in advance of the stipulated 12 weeks beforehand. It was decided to consider the GA meeting convened in accordance with the statutes.

5. A statement on the representation of members and voting rights

It was decided to use the participation list as the statement of representation for voting rights. It was noted that AÜG Germany has given voting right by proxy to ASF-Sweden (i.e. Pernilla Ivarsson). It was noted that altogether 14 members are represented with voting rights, which is more than the stipulated number for valid deliberation (more than half of the total number of members, i.e. 21, including ASF Hellas, see next point).

6. Granting of membership to applicant

ASF Hellas had sent an application for membership to the Secretary, attaching the required documents (ratification of the Hasselt Charter, proof of registration, statutes and activity report). It was decided to unanimously grant membership to ASF Hellas, noting that the new member will have voting right in the present GA meeting. It was decided to confirm the granting of membership to AOG-Austria and ASF-Bénin previously approved by the Board.

7. Approval of the Board Annual Report (Attachment B)

Dick Urban Vestbro presented some points from the Annual Report. Jordi Balari informed the GA meeting about the project Development Architecture Education. Upon request Jordi Balari informed the meeting of the complicated procedures related to the legal registration of the name ASF-International and the conflict with Médécins Sans Frontières International, which has finally been resolved through a compromise including an agreement that the ASF-Int websites shall display a disclaimer stating that ASF-Int & MSF are independent organisations. It was decided to approve the Board Annual Report.

8. The audit report (Attachment C)

Auditor Jenny Andersson had submitted the audit report for the year 2010. The Treasurer showed a signed copy of the report, stating that all papers are in order and that the ASFInt financial situation is in order. It was decided to approve the audit report and to thank Jenny Andersson for her report. In her report she proposes that ASF-Int should use a bookkeeping programme that automatically produces annual reports with Financial Statements, a proposal which was forwarded to the Board for consideration.

9. Approval of the verified financial statements (Attachment D)

Treasurer Rune Asholt explained details of the financial statement. It was decided to approve the financial statement.

10. Granting discharge to the outgoing Board

It was decided to grant discharge to the outgoing Board.

11. Election of Board members for the next period

On behalf of the Election Preparatory Committee Beatrice de Carli presented the proposal for Board members during the next period. The proposed members introduced themselves to the participants. It was decided that the Board shall have 10 members and noted that 5 of them have mandates running until 2012. It was decided to elect the following persons to the Board: Xavier Codina, ASF Espaňa Stéphane Plisson, ASF France Richard Anthony Losalajome, ASF RDCongo Pawan Kumar Shrestha, EWB Nepal Anna Engwall, ASF-Sweden

12. Election of auditors for the next period

It was decided to elect Jenny Andersson as the auditor and Beatrice de Carli as the alternate auditor for the coming year.

13. Appointing the preparatory committee for elections in the next period

It was decided to elect Beatrice de Carli (coordinator), Benoit Clavieras and Per Kraft for the Election Preparatory Committee.

14. Decision on membership fees and the budget for the next period (Attachment E)

Rune Asholt presented the proposed budget for 2011 and an illustration of financial strategy for ASF-Int for the future. The latter illustration sparked off a lively discussion and many questions. The Board proposed that the membership fee be raised to € 300, to be effective from 2012, and that member organizations are entitled to apply to the Board, using suitable justification, to pay a reduced fee of a minimum of € 100. It was decided according to the Board proposal. Antonello Iuorio proposed that a committee be appointed to prepare a proposal for a scaled membership fee structure, to be presented to GA meeting 2012. It was decided according to Antonello’s proposal and to appoint Antonello Iuorio, Apollinaire Salumu Kilenge M’ba and Jordi Balari for the committee.

15. Decision Action Plan and Draft Strategic Plan (Attachment F and G)

Stéphane Plisson presented the proposed Action Plan for the period 2011-2014. In the discussion that followed the issue of coordinated concrete professional competence building projects were addressed, as well as the issue of funding other common ASF-Int projects and the establishment of a Secretariat. It was decided to adapt the proposed Action Plan, including a change of paragraph 3.4 - Starting up common projects to include the new sentence marked below in bold: The Board has decided to try to coordinate efforts of those member organisations that are willing to take actions in favour of reconstruction and development projects after emergency situations. It should encourage ASF-Int members’ education about disaster prevention and mitigation. It is proposed that member organisations are encouraged to select projects for coordination and common funding and to establish an international expert task force. One Board member is proposed to take charge of coordinating availabilities and opportunities at the network level, as well as of collecting and spreading information on possible actions. Stéphane Plisson presented in a few word the Draft Strategic Plan for 2011-2014, explaining that the Strategic Plan is specifically directed to new members and external partners & potential funders. The proposal is only in preliminary form so far. It was decided to send the Draft Strategic Plan to all member organisations for discussion, requesting them to submit proposals for amendments and additions to the plan, and that the Board revises the proposal on the basis of inputs from member organisations and then sends it out to members.

16. Topics and other proposals for the next period

There were no other points to discuss.

17. Any other points

Antonello Iourio informed the GA meeting about the reorganisation of ASF-Onlus-Italia network.

18. Closing of meeting

Ex-chairman Jordi Balari thanked everybody for his time in the Board, the hosts of the GA meeting and closed the meeting.

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