1. Nomination of persons who will assume the positions of President and Secretary of the General Assembly:

Jenny Andersson was appointed chair of the meeting and Per Kraft was appointed secretary

2. A vote as regards approval of the agenda by the General Assembly;

The agenda was approved as suggested, with the exception of point 12 and 13, which switched places.

3. A statement and a vote on whether the General Assembly was properly convened in accordance with the statutes;

It was decided that the meeting was properly convened

4. A statement on the representation of members and voting rights;

All the present delegates presented themselves and eight of them had voting rights, ASF- Denmark, ASF-RD Congo, ASF-Spain, ASF- Nepal, ARC*PEACE, ASF Sweden, Habitat Technology group and ASF France. Proxies had been received from UK, Architecture & Developpement France, ASF Onlus, ASF Germany, ASF Italy Milan. The total number of votes were 13.

5. Approval of the Annual Report drawn up by the “Conseil d’Administration”;

The annual activity report was presented by Dick Vestbro and was thereafter approved.

6. The audit report;

The report was presented by the auditor Jenny Andersson and approved with the plead that every transaction in the future should be followed by verification. The GA agreed to this.

7. Approval of the verified financial statements;

The financial reports for 2009 and 2010 were approved.

8. Granting discharge to the outgoing “Conseil d’Administration” ;

The Board was granted discharge and was thanked for its efforts.

9. Election of members of the “Conseil d’Administration” for the next period;

There were four new members proposed for the Board: Rune Asholt - ASF Denmark; Gopal Shankar - Habitat Technology Group-India, Sophie Jopling – ASF-UK, and Valeria Sciarretta - ASF- ONLUS (Italia). They were all elected. Dick Urban Vestbro was re-elected.

10. Election of auditors for the next period;

It was decided that Jenny Andersson is auditor and Beatrice de Carli deputy auditor for the next period.

11. Appointing the preparatory committee for elections in the next period;

Beatrice de Carli, Therese Setterborg and Pawan Shrestha were elected, with Beatrice as coordinator of the committee.

12. Decision on membership subscriptions and the budget for the next period;

There was no budget for 2010, but it was proposed that the GA asks the Board to make a proposal for a budget and to send it out to all members for comments. The GA also asked the Board to have a finished proposal budget for 2011 in good time before next GA-meeting.
Dick Urban Vestbro and Jonas Jernberg proposed a differentiated membership fee, with three levels; 100, 300 or 700 Euros, where each member organization can choose freely how much to pay each year. Jordi Balari proposed to raise fees to 150 Euros this year and to ask the Board to prepare a solid proposal for next GA meeting. Jordi proposed that the Spanish ASF administration could allocate part of their time to ASF International, if funds can be found for this.
7 countries voted for a system with the same fees for everybody; 6 countries voted for a differentiated system.
Then 8 countries voted for the same fees as today and 5 voted for a fee of 200 Euros. It was decided that the fees remain the same as they are currently: 100 Euros/year/member organization.

13. Decision on planned activities for the next period;

Jordi Balari and Dick Urban Vestbro explained the objectives for the proposed activity plan.
Three additions to the activity plan was discussed:

  •   Jonas Jernberg proposed that the Board should appoint a fundraising committee to raise money for building up the international network organization, ASF international. It was decided that this clause was added under theme 3, Financial autonomy.
  •   Sofie Wäborg proposed that the ASF-Int board should discuss & formulate a proposal for the function, goals & organizational chart of ASF-Int. It was decided that this was to be integrated into the Activity plan and that this proposal should be presented and discussed during every GA meeting.
  •   Sara Hallström proposed that the introduction phrase of the activity plan is complemented with: “ASF-International’s main aim is to become a partner for member organizations, and a partner in the international society of social and critical perspectives on architecture and planning. To be able to do that ASF-Int for the next two years need to work on these three themes”. The proposal was not supported.

    14. Topics and other proposals for the next period;

    Sofie Wäborg (DK) raised the question of partnership/collaboration with Architecture for Humanity and Dick Urban Vestbro told us that Sinclair Cameron until now politely has answered negatively to invitations from ASF-International and ASF-UK. ASF-Denmark has on their part had discussions with him about possible ways to collaborate in Copenhagen.

    15. Closing of meeting;

    Jenny Andersson closed the meeting and thanked all present delegates.

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