The Board has consisted of the following ten members: Jordi Balari, ASF-Espana, Chairman; Ligia Nunes, ASF-Portugal, Vice-chair; Ludovic Jonard, A&D (France), Vice-Chair; Eric Selis, ASF-Belgium, Treasurer; Dick Urban Vestbro, ARC●PEACE, Secretary; Sara Peny, ASF-Sweden, Stéphane Plisson, ASF-France; Beatrice di Carlo, ASF-Italia (Milano), Pawan Shrestha, ASF-Nepal and Melissa Kinnear, ASF-UK. The last three persons have been elected for 2008-2010, while the mandates of the others expire at the GA meeting 2009. During 2008 the Board had three physical meetings (Porto 23 February; Barcelona 20 April; Stockholm 27 September), and two meetings by email (16 June, 29 November). In February 2009 the Board met in Oxford. Meetings have usually been attended by six to eight members. For lack of resources Pawan Shrestha has participated by email in all meetings except the one in Barcelona (when he was physically present). Minutes have been completed, verified, signed and scanned at the end of each Board meeting. In between meetings the Board has communicated intensively by email and also taken decisions by email.


During 2008 ASF-Brazil has been registered as a pending member as a result of lack of response to contact attempts and non-payment of membership fee. On the other hand ASF-Denmark has been granted membership (to be confirmed by the GA). A group in Switzerland is on its way to be formed. In total ASF-Int has 15 members. The Board has also given support to persons in Norway, who want to form a member organisation. In addition attempts have been made to recruit AWB-Canada and to stimulate the formation of ASF organisations in Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Benin, Angola, Macao and Algeria.


During 2008 the issue of a new Constitution has continued to occupy the agenda of the Board. A proposal for a Constitution was adopted with some amendments at the 2008 GA meeting. It turned out to be time-consuming to sort out the amendments before the Board could take a decision to adopt the amended proposal in September. The Constitution has been sent out to members. Because of problems to register the Constitution as planned in Belgium the Board has decided to register it according to Spanish law.


In 2007 ASF-Int had a temporary secretariat in the office of ASF-Belgium. During 2008 this secreta-riat has functioned less well. The Board Secretary Dick Urban Vestbro has carried out most of the work of a Secretariat. However, the Board has worked out a proposal for a permanent Secretariat, to be located to Barcelona. The objective of such a Secretariat is to manage the day-to-day organisation and coordination of the ASF-Int projects and administration to achieve the implementation of the ASF-Int aims. The Board considers the following tasks to be of priority: - International coordination and administration

  •  General office management
  •  Event management (public talks, seminars)
  •  Contribute to the organisation’s strategic and business planning
  •  Finance report management
  •  PR – liaison with press and writing of press releases
  •  IT – website development and maintenance
  •  Implementation of programme activities (as advised by the Board)
    In order to establish a Secretariat it is necessary to raise funds, which so far have turned out to be a stumbling block. The obstacles will hopefully be overcome as a result of the adoption of a new busi-ness plan, to be presented to the GA meeting 2009.

    Budget, fund-raising

    The Board has made a budget with the target turnover of eur 30,000, based on fund-raising for specific projects, and requests to members to do their own fund-raising on behalf of ASF-Int. The Board consi-ders it vital to have a budget that allows payment for travel costs for participation in Board meetings, for other travel costs on behalf of the organisation, for maintenance of the website, for printing the project portfolio, for exhibition material etc, and for a small Secretariat. So far very little has been, done, however, to implement these plans.

    Website (

    During the past year the Board has devoted substantial time to establish a functioning website. A draft proposal has been made, and an agreement has been reached with a Portuguese group called Connecty. For various reasons the uploading of the website was delayed. ASF-Portugal has devoted substantial time to the design, programming and the feeding of the website. It was uploaded around 1 February 2009. The previous temporary website hosted by A&D France has been closed. It is estimated that the maintenance of the website will require a share of the budget in the future.

    Contacts with other organisations

    During the year the Board has worked actively to establish good contacts with organisations of interest to us. Thus ASF-Int, together with some other organisations, prepared and carried out a special event at the congress of the International Union of Architects, in Turin 29 June – 3 July 2008. Chairman Jordi Balari has been in active contact with United Cities and Local Governments (UCLA) and Habitat International Coalition (HIC). Stéphane Plisson has been in touch with CRAterre (a centre for earth technology in Grenoble). Dick Urban Vestbro has kept in touch with International Homeless People (UK). The Board has not succeeded to persuade Architects Without Borders-North America (AWB-NA) to remove from its website a list of ASF-organisations displayed as members of AWB-NA.

    ASF International Educational Program

    During the past year the Board has discussed the possibility for ASF-Int to contribute to something like a school or an international network of education about development aspects of architecture. The Italian ministry of education invited interested partners to come up with proposals of such a kind. Beatrice de Carli has worked out a proposal based on experience of some ASF members. An attempt has been made to document existing educational experiences (workshops, undergraduate & master courses) on the topics of architecture for cooperation. ASF members in Italy, UK, France, Sweden and Portugal are already involved or attached to such teaching.

    Seminar, publication

    In connection with the GA meeting in Barcelona in April 2008 a seminar was arranged by ARC●PEACE, ASF-Espaňa and ASF-Sweden on the topic Are architects and planners obstacles to slum upgrading? Contributions to this seminar have been compiled and edited by Dick Urban Vestbro into a booklet published in collaboration with the Department of Spatial Planning of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Copies are available for sale at the ARC●PEACE office in Stockholm, and for downloading (

    Brochure, ASF presence at WUF IV

    During 2008 ASF-Int has produced a brochure about ASF-Int, made by Sara Peny. It was particularly produced for the World Urban Forum in Nanjing at the beginning of November, where it was distribu-ted in limited numbers. Also the booklet on slum upgrading was distributed. The Board tried to initiate an NGO event together with other organisations, but this did not succeed well due to the fact that the ASF members present actually were in Nanjing on behalf of other organisations.

    Other matters

    Registration of name and logo: On behalf of ASF-Int our Spanish member ASF-Espaňa has tried to register the logo and name of ASF-Int at the office in the European Union bureau of property rights. Unexpectedly the Médécins Sans Frontières raised objections to this on the grounds that confusing could occur between our two organisations. This forced ASF-Int to claim its rights in an extended legal process that is not over at the time of writing this report.

    Project portfolio: Such a documentation was initiated in 2007. The aim was to increase the number of project descriptions and use the portfolio for fund-raising, display on the website and increase visibi-lity of ASF-Int. The project descriptions have been used on a number of occasions. In the beginning of 2009 the Board decided to appoint Beatrice de Carli as the coordinator of the project portfolio.

    List of experts. Such a list was started in 2007 in order to compile expertise within ASF-Int, but the Board decided in 2008 not to continue with the list.

    For the Board Dick Urban Vestbro Secretary

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