How can Architecture help to build a world of solidarity?

Part of the answer can be found in the numerous projects presented here.These investigations, workshops, urban interventions and buildings are the outcomes of the work of 18 associations around the world, linked through thenetwork of Architecture Sans Frontières International (ASF-Int) and dedicatedto give the word “Architecture” a senseof solidarity, sustainability and socialresponsibility. ASF-Int was officially founded in 2007after eleven years of contact between anumber of organisations sharing similarobjectives.

The aim was to establish aplatform that would enable cooperationwith other organisations and contributeto the global mobilisation of civil societythat endeavours to face issues thatgovernments are often unable or unwillingto cope with. The creation of ASF-Int was theculmination of these efforts, and thejoint approval of the Charter of Hasseltconfirmed the common willingnessto social transformation of all themember organisations “concernedwith the equitable, social, culturaland environmental commitment ofarchitecture, construction, urbanism andthe conservation of historical heritagesto human development” – as it is statedin the first paragraph of the Charter ofHasselt. The objectives of ASF-Int arevery ambitious; nonetheless, they canbe positively pursued by the means ofmultidisciplinary, collaborative work withother network organisations.

This portfolio is a small sample of worksrealised by ASF-Int’s member organisationsall over the world, each of them referring tothe Charter of Hasselt as a wide frameworkfor concrete action. The shared aims arepursued through an extensive range ofapproaches and solutions, reflecting thecreative efforts to give adequate answersto many different problems and contexts.Such a richness of the interventions andethical standpoints contribute towardsthe development of a better and moreaccessible architecture around the world,as architecture should not ignore thepoor and the underprivileged, but on thecontrary serve them as a priority. The projects presented here are technicaloperations, interdisciplinary experiences,collaborative efforts, but above all they arehuman stories, because Architecture is forhuman beings.

Paris, december 2009

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