• 1979: Founding of Architectes Sans Frontières by Pierre Allard, France
  • 1992: Founding of Arquitectos Sin Fronteras Espana - 1996: Creation of the Barcelona Charter
  • 1998-2004: Meetings in Tongerloo, Milan, Hasselt, Paris, Barcelona
  • 2003: Adoption a common Charter in Hasselt, Belgium
  • 2005: Ratifying the Hasselt Charter in Rome
  • 2006: Meeting in Bokrijk, Belgium, first draft of statutes
  • 2007: Meeting in Hasselt, formal constitution of ASF- International
  • 2008: Approval of proposed statutes at GA meeting in Barcelona
  • 2009: Formal registration of statutes of according to French law
  • 2012: Granting membership to its 30th member organisation


How we work

  • ASF-Int members run building and planning projects in many countries on all five continents together with local partners.
  • ASF-Int maintains a website with information about member activities, project descriptions, publications, contact details et.
  • ASF-Int builds an information bank about professional competences, interesting projects, reports and other publications, and NGOs with specific qualifications.
  • ASF-Int has established on-line courses about Development Architecture.
  • ASF-Int publishes a newsletter distributed four times a year to all interested persons free of charge.
  • ASF-Int arranges meetings and seminars on pertinent issues related to design and planning of social habitat.
  • ASF-Int assists in the formation of local ASF organisations.
  • ASF-Int collaborates with many international and local partners working for sustainable development, participatory processes, slum improvement and social responsibility.


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ASF INT was founded as a result of an increased inte   rest in social and environmental issues in relation to the built environment and dissatisfaction with ethical standards of mainstream architecture. It’s member organisations and signatories of the Hasselt Charter are listed here: Members Worldwide.