ASF-DK was officially registered as a Danish platform of the international organization in October 2008. Approximately one year later, ASF-DK has about 70 registered members and four ongoing projects, in India, Africa and Denmark.
We believe it is a human right that everyone has an adequate standard of living and access to a suitable livelihood, but many people find themselves in circumstances beyond their control. In our aim to create social justice and better living conditions, we offer creative solutions to problems that face our society through architecture, planning and design. In our projects, we integrate technical, social and aesthetic skills, in the process of transforming dreams and hope into concrete physical solutions.
The organization is focusing on three fields of projects:
1. Developing projects: primarily related to Health and Education issues;
2. Debating projects: Projects pin pointing global challenges of society;
3. Emergency Relief: ASF-DK is currently starting up the field of work after humanitarian disasters. The work is meant to be divided into two fields, Emergency Architecture and Strategies for Emergency Relief in collaboration with Danish Red Cross and UN.
ASF DK is investigating social economical strategies, to secure a sustainable future for the organization.


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