ASF-Italian Network is an independent not-for-profit organization that acts for the exclusive pursuit of social solidarity objectives. It is based in Rome with several branches on the national territory. It was created with the ambition to conjugate a strong social motivation with the professional practice, making the tools of architecture accessible to development processes and to local and international cooperation.

We offer our skills to developing countries and to any territories standing at the margins of their own social environment, independently from their geographical position. We base our aid activities on the principles of cooperation and solidarity, aiming to affect local policies and to increase the autonomous capabilities of beneficiary populations. We pursue these objectives by acting specifically and primarily in the fields of territorial and town-planning, infrastructural planning and architecture, linking our practice to social housing, the conservation of historical heritages and the protection of natural resources. We work for the quality and sustainability of the living environment and we promote access to a dignified habitat as a fundamental right.

ASF-Italian Network is member of different national and international organizations sharing the need to spread and promote the subjects of cooperation and social solidarity.


Piazza Manfredo Fanti 47,
00185 Roma.