ASF - RD Congo is an association aiming for international solidarity. It was founded in 2004 by Congolese architects (DRCongo) and it became member of ASF-Int in 2005 by the ratification of the Charter of Hasselt.

The objective of the association is to give assistance for non lucrative goals in the fields of architecture, construction and town & environmental planning, to all the victims of natural disasters, collective accidents, belligerent situations and, in a more general way, unfavorable natural conditions, without any discrimination of race, political position, religion or philosophy.

To pursue its objective, the association mainly but not exclusively carries out actions by the following means: raising public awareness, in particular via the organization of demonstrations; collaborating with other partners, either associations, professionals, or experts in specific fields; designing projects in RD Congo or abroad either autonomously or in collaboration with others.


ASF-RDCongo 1538,
avenue Douane,
Commune de la Gombe,
B.P. 11378,