Kito Onlus is a nonprofit humanitarian organization intent on promoting social solidarity in the fields of education and health among the world’s developing and/or emergency - affected countries.

It was founded and registered in Italy in 2012.


  • Financing, development and building of basic structures in developing countries or countries affected by famines, natural disasters and armed conflicts.
  • Assistance to people victims of wars, famines, natural disasters, violence and violation of human rights.
  • Realization of expandable and transportable scholastic and medical units, to be set nearby the beneficiaries.
  • Development of trainings with stakeholders and beneficiaries in the area of unit's installation.
  • Increased wealth of the involved population through policies aimed at getting better conditions linked to health, nutrition, social services and security of children in the countries it works in. Currently, Kito has a particular focus on the Philippines, a country highly vulnerable to natural disasters. 

Contact information

Via Venti Settembre, 
24 35122 Padova (Italy)
Tel/fax +39 049 8757382


The Kito’s Humanitarian Unit for Transition (Kito-HUT)

Kito-HUT Extern view
Kito-HUT Intern view
Kito-HUT Plan view

The Kito’s Humanitarian Unit for Transition (Kito-HUT) is a prefabricated structure, mobile and energy auto-sustainable, which allows communities hit by conflicts or natural disasters to be supported in the first phase of emergency. 

The Kito-HUT can be easily shipped all over the world by boat or truck since it is the exact size of a medium shipping container.
Once the Kito-HUT arrives at its destination it can be positioned anywhere since it does not need a permanent foundation.
The Kito-HUT expands on site to 24 square meters, and does not require any specialized training to assemble.
The Kito-HUT is energy auto-sustainable (powered by photovoltaic panels on the roof) and can be used either as an emergency medical center with three beds for patients or as a classroom accommodating up to 24 students.
Two HUTs can be joined together, creating a wider structure that can host more patients or students.

As a storage container during travel, the Kito-HUT has a capacity of about 30 cubic meters and can be used to transport technical or emergency medical equipment.
The dimensions and characteristics of the Kito-HUT follow INEE and UNICEF standards.

Location: San Fernando la Union – Philippines
Partners: ICLEI Southeast Asia
Donors: Private funding 

Cash for work project in the Philippines

KITO’s Cash for Work Project 1
KITO’s Cash for Work Project 2
KITO’s Cash for Work Project 3

The purpose of KITO’s Cash for Work Project is to provide temporary employment to local people. The employment projects involve rehabilitating the environment in areas hit by natural disasters, such typhoons, floods and earthquakes. Cash for Work empowers beneficiaries to prioritize the actions they want to do to rebuild their lives. Moreover, it increases exchanges in the local market. After the Haiyan/Yolanda typhoon that hit the Philippines in November 2013, affecting about 16 million people (7.300 killed), Kito supported a very important project in San Francisco in the Camotes Islands. As a matter of fact, through the so called “Cash for Work”, it was possible to employ local people ( 25 families ) in the “environmental rehabilitation” after the damages caused by the typhoon.

Our Cash fort Work project included activities such as:

  • coastal clean-up
  • mangrove reforestation and planting
  • any support for the two million trees for greening San Francisco. Location: San Francisco in the Camotes Islands – Philippines

Partners: ICLEI Southeast Asia
Donors: Private funding 



Via Venti Settembre 24 - 35122 Padova (Italy)

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