Our vision is to create a place where people can be creatively inspired within a hand reach to apply affordable and sustainable way of building. Architecture is not only material change, but a culturally sensitive and social change. Architectural interventions can have an impact on several factors which, in turn, has a direct impact on poverty. Through our groundwork projects, conducted in the villages of Tanzania, we research and promote the possibilities of architecture.

Our goals are:

  • Fight poverty by using architectural research, design and construction in order to improve local housing and living standards.
  • Research the social, psychological, physical and motivational impact that interventions undertaken by C-re-aid have among people confronted with poverty.
  • Increase awareness about vernacular architecture.
  • Develop an understanding and knowledge of the importance of sustainable building and development.
  • By conducting architectural projects, C-re-aid aims to create change through improved and healthier living conditions, with the goal of inspiring entire communities.
  • Work closely together with village leaders and local governance in order to reach as many people as possible in local communities.
  • Provide internships that educate and train local and international students of architecture and engineering.
  • Assist in income generating projects in the fight against poverty by designing and building necessary infrastructures.
  • Assist partner organisations in their projects by designing and constructing the necessary infrastructures for their projects.

All our branches support our mission and vision and help us to get closer to our goals. In addition they give us the opportunity to generate funds for the operational costs of the NGO.


International NGO C-re-aid
Reg Nr. 08290
P.O. Box 8817, Moshi, Tanzania

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