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Main goal of the project is supporting the activities that our counterpart has been carrying out since 1994 in the area of innovative, sustainable, integrated and ecological techniques for agriculture and farming. It consists in the construction of an educational institution where these activities could be carried out in better conditions. Thus the range of activities as well as of people who can benefit from them is extended. In addition, a capacity building centre will be created by adding the following to the already existing facilities (a lot surrounded by a stone wall with a dairy, a bedroom for the warden and a warehouse): 1 hangar with a capacity for 30 persons to be used as a polyvalent space for courses, meetings, lectures, etc.; 3 double bedrooms for guest teachers, etc.; 1 kitchen/warehouse; 1 communal room for 25 persons to host people attending seminars, etc.; 6 latrines and 4 shower facilities. All facilities will be furnished with a basic electrical installation powered by photovoltaic panels.

The project is located in the small village of Bingo, province of Bulkiemdé, 40 km to the west of Ouagadougou, the capital city of Burkina Faso. Bingo has a total population of ca. 2000 inhabitants, but the area of infl uence of the whole project extends to the villages of Sa and Kaliguiri, with a total of 2000 inhabitants, and fi ve other smaller villages, totalling 2000 more inhabitants altogether.

Project Date: 2005




Burkina Faso

ASF International Member Organization: 



Mouvement de Paysans SansFrontieres de Bingo


Public funding

Activity Type: 

Architectural Project