UN Millenium Development Goals

The project aims at formulating guidelines for future sustainable projects of “Second Hosting Centre” for refugees asking for asylum, in order to contribute to the improvement of the Hosting System in Italy. This system turned out to be inadequate and privileges the assistance character and not the participative character, typical of the existing hosting centre management. ASF Onlus worked out the typological and composition scheme of a New Model of Second Hosting Centre, that would be suitable to be used by local Administrations to apply it to the recovering processes of buildings or for new ones, to create a built-up and functional space, taking into account the communities’ interculturality in order to stimulate integration in the neighbourhoods and in the city.

The project has been developed in a participatory way together with groups asking for asylum and occupying two dismissed buildings near the future “Nuova Stazione Tiburtina dell’Alta Velocità” in Rome.

Project Date: 2003 to 2005





ASF International Member Organization: 

Architetti Senza Frontiere Italia Onlus



Self funding

Activity Type: 

Architectural Project