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The San Francisco Javier Hospital, recognised by the National Sanitary System as publichospital of Assin district, is the reference structure for 41 surgeries scattered in the area. TheNew Surgical Ward project proposal is meant to offer an answer to the increasing demand ofbeds and to create a ward dedicated to the stay in hospital of post-operated patients. Theproject solution respects the typologies and the constructional techniques of the existingstructures. The application of environmental planning and the environmental impact valuationare the main methodological aspects applied to have a correct and integral organisationand management of the building process in order to guarantee the real sustainability of thework. The benefi ts that can be obtained by using renewable energies have been optimisedby the use of local resources, producing great advantages for illumination, ventilation andcooling. Correlating typological and technical characteristics of the building with the climatecharacteristics has minimized the contribution of the systems.

Project Date: 2003 to 2005





ASF International Member Organization: 

Architetti Senza Frontiere Italia Onlus


Sagrado Corazon de Jesus


Manos Unidas

Activity Type: 

Architectural Project