Safeguard of cultural heritage

The condition and geographical universe of these fishermen populations are unique in Europe and unrecognized since is unknown to the major public. This culture is still alive and embedded in its particular traditions and beliefs; however there is an imminent risk of losing their identity due to various factors and threats.

The present survey is part of an overall project to promote Avieira Culture as a national heritage.

The scope of our work has focused on the material legacy, recognizing the evidence of its intrinsic value, but also revealing the particular characteristics of a sustainable development process, in which we consider preserving the environment, ecological systems and biodiversity, opportunity to disseminate and implement socio-cultural aspects and the creation of economic factors that will contribute to the well-being of the community. We will address the significance of the housing typology in the lives of Avieiros’ people: from the boat to pile dwellings and piers and from the houses to different settlements, putting them in context historically and socially.

We will bring into play the analysis of field data that extensively documented the situation and examined different strategies for the safeguard of its cultural heritage in the perspective of integrated and sustainable development. The analysis will focus on the boat as the realm of their first dwelling and the pile houses as imported models of dwelling which were inevitably modified by the urgencies of their evolving livelihood. The survey of the housing and interviews will be a key task to understand the phenomena therefore ASFP will create a database of relevant information on this specific vernacular architecture. Retrieval and dissemination of the Avieira’s Culture will inevitably have to start by rebuilding housing heritage and adapting it, for example, to face a certain cultural and touristic influx. Avieiros’ people and its descendants will always be in the centre of decisions and actions that may affect their future and possibly their patterns of cultural activity. We hope to develop the necessary information in order to support the future recovery of boat and pile dwellings and settlements, as well as, to promote the Avieira’s Culture as a critical and exceptional element for research in anthropological studies.

Project Date: 2008





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Architectural Project